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Here are some super-useful ways in which small DIY hacks can enhance your life:

1. Organise more than shoes

Shoe organisers can be used to neatly store shoes - and many more things. Hang up an organiser in the kitchen and keep spice bottles in them. You can also store cleaning supplies and other items in these pouches. You can even keep snacks in them!


2. Don’t throw away those shoe boxes

Paper the box and the lid on the outside with coloured or patterned paper, add a few ribbons and stickers, and your new storage space is ready. You can store papers, key chains, electronic items, etc. in the box.


3. Using hangers to good effect

Hang up your collection of belts on a hanger. You can also do the same with scarves by knotting them up on the hook. Alternatively, you can also use a hanger as a jewellery organiser.


4. Old CDs can still be used

Old CDs with colourful fronts can be used as coasters. This just gives you a ready supply of bright and eye-catching coasters that can be placed throughout the home.


5. Keep your rugs flat

The corners of rugs tend to curl up, which can lead to people stumbling over them. One way to prevent this is to attach some Velcro to the back of the rug and the ground and attach them together.


6. Vinegar can help clothes

If you think that your clothes will bleed colour or fade away quickly, just put them in a liquid of cold water, white vinegar, and salt. In the case of denims or fabrics which fade quickly, you can add the vinegar to the washing machine at the time of the first wash.


7. Classify your keys with nail polish

If all your keys look similar to you, you can paint them with nail polish in different colours to distinguish them from each other. All you’ll ever have to do is to remember which colour represents which key.


8. Wine bottles can be reused

Once the wine is consumed, there is no need to throw those lovely tinted bottles away. Put some water in them and use them as a vase. You can even use it as a pot and grow a low-maintenance plant.


9. Tissue boxes can hold more

Fill in spare plastic bags into the tissue box with just the handles sticking out. When you need a bag for anything, just pull one out. This keeps the plastic bags neatly arranged in one place.


10. Light up your cupboards

Take the string lights left over from last Christmas and fix it to the sides and the top of the cupboard. Connect it to the nearest electric outlet and you will get enough lighting in your closet at any time of the day or night.


These life hacks make your life slightly easier, and your home neater and more comfortable. Use your ingenuity to get the most out of basic household objects and watch your home transform under your eyes. You don’t need a lot of money, just creativity and a certain handiness with tools.

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